Neighborhood Garden/Food4Kids Fundraiser
I am the Founding President of Angels Haven Charity Corp. Our organization is raising money for a Neighborhood Garden to feed families. Our goal is to build an organic garden and grow organic vegetables and organic fruits in each school in our town and disburse the food to the children in the schools that can’t afford a lunch or dont have any food at home. The children will be able to bring the food that was grown in the school garden, home discreetly. The school garden will eventually be controlled by the school and the children that attend that school. This garden will also teach children healthy eating habits and how to maintain a garden so they can feed themselves as they grow into adulthood. I know what it feels like not to have food as child, that’s why I opened up this organization a year ago, I wanted to help others like others have helped me as a young child. Please donate if you can and help make a difference in these little children’s lives. Thank you and God Bless.

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